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Couvoir Simetin proudly offers a wide array of chick species and breeds. Over the years, we have been expanding our selection to better meet our customers' needs. Find out about our prices and place an order today. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Broiler chickens
• Ross
• Sasso XL44 (x SA31L)

Egg-laying chickens – brown eggs
• Bovans Brown (red)
• Bovans Nera (black with red throat)
• Plymouth Rock (grey)

Egg-laying chickens – white eggs
• Bovans White

Ready-to-Lay Pullets
• Pullets of about 20 weeks (white, black-red, grey) for sale every week on Tuesdays (all day) and Saturday mornings. Please call 450 258-2404 before visiting, so we can prepare your order.

• Nicholas Heavy

• Subject to availability

• Mulard
• Rouen (coloured)
• Pekin (white)
• Barbary

Ring-necked pheasants

Jumbo Coturnix quail

Guinea fowl
• French